Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant
Car Oil Distillation Refinery Machine/ Waste Engine Oil Recycling Distillation Plant

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Waste engine oil can be refined into valuable diesel oil through catalytic cracking and high temperature distillation technology. It is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in volatilities of components in a boiling liquid mixture. After being  distilled by the distillation plant, the oil may have dark color with bad smell, then we suggest to deep purify the oil, with color and smell removal system, you will get clean diesel oil as final products with beautiful light yellow color. 

Project Details

1. 10 ton oil refineries equipment per day. 

2. The whole set machine including distillation reactor , Fractioning column , condensing parts , dedusting parts , color and smell removal device. 

3.  Input raw material can be Crude oil , pyrolysis oil , sludge oil , used motor oil , dirty black oil.

4. Output product is clean synthetic diesel oil. 

5. Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 

6. Heating fuel can be coal, wood , pyrolysis oil , natural gas. 

Waste oil refining plant distills the incoming crude oil,  waste oil or lubrication oil into useful products such as diesel oil and fuel oils, gasoline or petrol, jet fuel, etc, the oil yield will be 85%-90%, the by-products are 10%-15% slag and syngas.

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working process


Make remaining hot from the spiral flue outside the reactor to preheat the raw material oil ,it is physical reaction 


After preheating ,the hot oil will be transported into the reactor by the oil pump !Before the hot oil into the reactor,there must be some oil at the bottom of the reactor and be heated already!due hot oil has already with some temperature so temperature will be rise more quikly than normal temperature oil in this way it can save energy ,improve effeciency! In this process liquid oil become oil gas little by little !it is physical reaction 

C,Catalyst tower 

It has three tower layer inside the catalyst tower 

Every layer will be put catalyst for impurities removal ,decolor and smell removal according to raw material oil! To purify oil !it is Chemical reaction

Catalyst formular will be tailor make according to customer 

D.Cooling system including pipe condenser ,condenser ,calandria cooling system and cooling tower 

then the clean oil gas will go though the strong  cooling system to low down the temperature quickly

E,oil water separator tank 

The clean oil gas will be cooling down to become liquid oil into the oil water separator tank,it is  physical reaction 

F.stainless steel pipe filter 

Pipe filter with filter bag which can prevent the invisible impurities size :300-500 mesh though ,it is physical reaction ,to purify oil 

G.nagative pressure system 

can make the running temperature low down,save energy ,improve efficiency ,ensure the safety of running !

H.water sealing 

There will be few flammable gas which can not be cooling down in the normal condition after passing though the cooling system,though water sealing it will be go though gas burner ,recycle used by heating the reactor 




Input-Raw Materials

Waste engine/motor oil/Lubrication oil

Average out-put oil rate



Diesel oil, waste gas, slag

Structure form


Operating pressure

Constant pressure

Heating material

Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil


Reactor size



3 Ton/Day


5 Ton/Day


10 Ton/Day

Material of reactor

Q245R boiler plate

Thickness of reactor

16mm, 18mm

Mode of cooling

Circulating water cooling

Space needed

Length: 30m, Width :10 m at most

Power consumption

Average 15 KW/h

oil output rate

oil output rate.jpg

refined diesel

refined diesel.jpg

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